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Five Tips To Start The New School Year On The Right Foot With Your Teenager

In a few days, your children will be back on their way to school. Who says back to school also means new year and new expectations. For parents, going back to school is often a source of anxiety. The anxiety that we also communicate to our children in awkward and unconscious ways. We give you our five tips to start the new school year on the right foot with your teenager.

Reassure your teenager

You are not the only ones for whom back to school is a source of anxiety. For your child, back to school is synonymous with something new: a new school, a new class, a new teacher, new friends. It can be disturbing for your teenager, even frightening. Also, the somewhat specific context of this new school year can be destabilizing for your teenagers, who, for some, have not walked the benches of school since last March. This is why you must show your teenager that you will support him, concretely or psychologically, through this new stage. List of school supplies ok, mask ok, week planning ok. Show him that he has in his possession all the elements to start his school year without worrying.

Adapt to their needs

If he goes to college, your teen will start asking for more and more freedom. Going to MacDonald’s or the cinema with his friends, the opportunities to go out while respecting current health instructions will multiply as part of their socialization. It will be important to talk to him to allow you to remain calm when you let him wander about his business.

Start giving him pocket money to empower him

As we said, the outings will multiply for your teenager and the expenses at the same time. It is important to teach him the value of things. Define together an amount of monthly pocket money, for example, and let it manage its budget for the first month. Take stock the following month. If the amount was not enough to cover all of your teen’s expenses, study his expenses with him to determine if he has overdone to adjust or not the amount of his pocket money.

No panic! Stay tuned, and don’t put unnecessary pressure on him

For most parents, a new school year is a source of anxiety that we also communicate to our children unconsciously and awkwardly. The most important thing is to stay tuned to your child and that no matter the past school year (good or bad), this new year is a sign of renewal, of a new beginning. Do not needlessly compare your children with others; each child is unique with their strengths and weaknesses. The best you can do is support and empower him. This will give him the feeling that you have confidence in him and that you are ready to help him or her if they feel the need.

Talk about money with your teenager

The transition to adolescence (the ungrateful age) of children is often difficult for some parents to accept. No more docile and attentive children, adolescents will seek to assert themselves, make their own decisions, be more autonomous. The important thing is to remain available and to support them in carrying out their projects. As mentioned earlier, he will ask you a lot more freedom and multiply the conviviality moments with their friends. The outings will be more present and the expenses too! Money can then be a source of tension between you. We recommend that you have a discussion on this topic at the start of the year.…