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What Is An Educational Counsellor For? What Is Its Importance? 

The Educational Counsellor is a very important piece within the current educational system. Regarding its importance, it must be said that the figure has existed rather for a few years. Their role is to detect any educational or personal problems for students in time to advise teachers and families. In addition to detecting and treating learning problems, they also determine schooling in the different existing programs. Types of programs: integration, compensatory, curricular diversification, basic learning, high capacities, etc. Another function would be to guide students in the various educational and professional outings.

When a student has some type of disability (cognitive, sensory, or conduct disorder), the counselors make a psycho-pedagogical report and an opinion on schooling, which must be approved, through a resolution, by a schooling commission (educational inspection and advisers). In said opinion, the material or human resources and the curricular adaptations required by the student throughout their schooling are provided.

When a student has high capacities, and the teachers show some difficulty in handling them or in addressing the contents in the classroom, the figure of the educational counselor is essential to advise on the possible methodology to be used with these children or to guide the adapted educational materials to its high capacity with which to work in the classroom.

Faced with families’ difficulties in the education of their children (childhood tantrums, times of rebellion, control of homework, jealousy of siblings, school demotivation), the educational counselor can stimulate meetings or schools of parents were to approach said problematic.